Getting my Easter on with Hobbycraft

1 March, 2020 0

A grown-up faux floral Easter wreath 

I think Spring might just be my favourite time of year, the sun starts to make an appearance now and then, the pink blossoms outside our house are at their absolute peak of prettiness, and we can start to open the sliding doors in our kitchen once more, letting the kids venture out in to the garden!

When I think of Easter I think of fresh GREEN colours and foliage. I truly believe in the power of green to lift my spirits, and I think the rise of the houseplant is doing wonders for our happiness barometers. Honestly guys, green is the new sunshine :-)  I swear it to be true so go get yourself houseplant happy!!! 

I am a huge advocate of mixing real and faux greenery in the home, and with the quality of fauxs available these days being top notch, why not I say! If you want some greenery that needs to look perfect ALL year round, or perhaps to adorn a dark corner or a kids space, then faux is 100% the way to go!

So when Hobbycraft asked if I would like to get my Easter on with them (my words not theirs LOL), I knew EGGzactly what I wanted to do…sorry couldn’t resist ;-)

Hobbycraft is a treasure trove of all things faux, you might not think to go there for faux branches, but you should! because their range is incredible, even just for sticking straight in to a vase, no crafting required there gang.


I visited my local Hobbycraft and spent rather a long time in the foliage aisle debating on which faux beauties would make the Easter wreath cut. In the end I went for the following items :

Parsley Fern

Green Echeveria Bundle

Eucalyptus Spray

Sword Fern

Asparagus Bush

Yellow Lace Flower

30.5cm Rattan Wreath

You will also need scissors, plyers or wire cutters and some metalic wire, which I purchased in store.


  1. Decide on a top and bottom. You will want some of the plant sprays to be pointing upwards, the sword ferns in particular looked best pointing towards the sky on this wreath
  2. Cut the sprigs of artificial foliage and flowers from the stem using your plyers. I started with the Asparagus Bush covering the bottom and top third of the wreath but leaving the East and West thirds free. My aim was to use the bushier fuller branches to make a base for the more intricate flowers to sit on. Use the wire to fix larger pieces, smaller sections can simply be poked into the rattan wreath
  3. Build up sections on each side symmetrically, using a variety of your fauxs moving around the wreath until all the rattan is covered
  4. Finish with the yellow lace flower sitting on top, this will really make the wreath POP
  5. Once you are happy with all your fauxs, spend a little bit of time pulling pieces in different directions to make them full and natural looking



OK so the pretty wreath was clearly all for me “don’t you dare get your grubby paws on Mummy's wreath kid” LOL. So I thought I best do something fun for the wee ones in my life. I also wanted to demonstrate that you don’t HAVE to spend hours on crafting projects, to achieve fabulous DIY décor.

This table scene was SO easy to create, it took less than 10 mins HONEST! and you can totally get your kids involved too. If it’s not practical to use your kitchen table, why not set this up in a corner or in your kids’ bedroom? Our boys are loving coming down every morning to check if the dinosaurs have hatched….not quite sure how we explain that one when Easter comes around LOL.


Large paper mache cracked egg

Polystyrene eggs, 12 packs  

Rattan nest with flowers

Gold spray paint, available to buy in store

Wooden bunnies in a row

Faux grass roll


  1. Roll out the faux grass on to a table or flat surface
  2. Spray paint your paper mache and polystyrene eggs in the gold spray paint
  3. Pop your polystyrene sprayed eggs in to the nests and lay them on the faux grass runner, surrounding them with any leftover greenery from your wreath
  4. Add your giant golden Chicken / Dinosaur egg to the middle of the table
  5. Add your wooden bunnies which can be painted over the coming weeks if you wish

Et-voila, an Easter table with HEAPS of personality and fresh spring style, achieved in under 10 mins!

Written By: Written by Sofie Hepworth

* Please note that all opinions featured on this blog are my own. Any advice on interior design, DIY, parenting and business ownership are merely my suggestions and opinions.

All imagery featured has been taken by me, in my own home, unless otherwise stated.

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