Three boys and a Pink bath is the personal blog and life ramblings of me, Sofie.

Mum, wife, interiors lover, Instagram addict (sorry Mum), woman in business, business owner and entrepreneur attempter? (it sounds so much less self-indulgent than entrepreneur sat all proud on its own, must get over that one soon hey!).

In this blog you will find my personal ramblings on ALL of the above topics, it's unconventional, but frankly, so am I.  So here I am, with my multiple box blog and my GCSE B in English, having a go at this writing malarkey, so bear with me because I’m new to this!

Intended as a way of sharing my passion for interiors in both my personal and business life and giving some honest insights in to what it’s REALLY like trying to grow a business, whilst being a Mum AND a serial home renovator.

The gritty details

Who am I?

Sofie age 35, possibly 36?

Where am I?

East London

Where am I from?      

It’s complicated, we would need wine

Who are the 3 boys?  

My long-suffering husband affectionately known as DIY Derek (real name Bob LOL). My two sons, Teddy aged 3 and Reggie aged 1

What do I do?            

I run Baby Grey, a luxury nursing chair business, find out more about that HERE

What is my style?       

Honestly guys and gals, I really don’t know, but others have described it as ‘Modern classic with an occasional twist’ so let us go with that hey? In the world of Instagram, my style could be classed as safe, given my love for colour is equally matched by my love for white. But in the real world, compared to Dave the gas man and his Laura Ashley shopping wife Sarah, I am positively bonkers with my Cactus ceilings and my life sized Zebras.

One thing I can say for sure though, is that my style is on a journey, closely linked to my confidence and the more I gain of the latter, the surer I become of my own style. Oooooosh and I think I just found my next blog post ;-)

Hello readers and welcome to my blog

Three boys and a Pink bath is the personal blog and life ramblings of me, Sofie. Care to find out more? then visit the bio and have an explore.

Disclaimer : the author attained a GCSE English B grade only, errors and typos are to be expected! SOZ


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